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Sudan’s Finance Minister demands the dissolution of the current government

The head of the Justice and Equality Movement, and the Minister of Finance, Jibril Ibrahim, said that the country is on the brink of an abyss, calling on Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok to dissolve the government to spare the country an even greater catastrophe.

In addition, he stressed, according to what the newspaper “Al-Sudani” reported, the need to preserve the continuity of the partnership agreement between the components of the transitional phase, without destabilizing the transition process or attempting to take possession of one party against another.

He considered that all those in the cabinet, whether movements or parties are not destined to be permanent in the chair, adding that the government’s solution does not contradict it.

As for the sit-in and the demonstrations scheduled for tomorrow, he said: The people have the right to express their opinion peacefully in any place it deems appropriate, without disrupting work or resorting to any form of violence. It must not allow any form of clashes, and each party expresses itself without assault.

Jibril, who is affiliated with the group or wing that started a sit-in last Saturday, ended in Khartoum to demand the dissolution of the government, stressing the quest to find a solution to avoid the country falling into the abyss, and to secure the existing political partnership.

Tension and Division

Yesterday, Sudanese protesters continued their sit-in in front of the Republican Palace in the center of the capital, adhering to their basic demand to dissolve the civilian government.

At the same time, a counter march was organized in eastern Khartoum, yesterday evening, to the sound of chants of “freedom, peace and justice” and “civility of the people’s choice,” according to what AFP reported.

It is noteworthy that the Sudanese government had demanded on Monday, the protesters loyal to the military side and its supporters alike, to stop the escalation. In a statement at the time, after an emergency session, the Council of Ministers called for the need for all parties to refrain from escalation and counter-escalation, and for everyone to place the highest interest of the Sudanese people.

This came after Hamdok acknowledged Friday evening in a speech to the nation that there are “deep divisions among civilians and between civilians and the military,” stressing that “the conflict is not between civilians and the military, but rather between the civilian democratic transition camp and its opponents.”

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