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Sudan: Ethiopia is creating problems to escape its internal plight

Due to Ethiopia’s claims in the Al-Fashqa lands and its intransigence in the GERD issue, Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi believes that ties with Ethiopia are difficult at the moment.

She stated during a news conference in Khartoum on Saturday that Ethiopia is attempting to manufacture crises to escape its domestic troubles.

While she stated that her government “would not reply to any allegations leveled by Ethiopia,” she also stated that Addis Ababa’s assertions that the Al-Fashqa area is Ethiopian territory are “inappropriate” and reflect an Ethiopian tugula.

She also stated that her government is committed to assisting the Nile Basin countries (Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan) in achieving their river rights.

She stated that Khartoum is confident in the integrity of its stance in the Al-Fashqa and GERD cases, given that the UN’s position on the dam issue is like a triumph for her nation.

Sudan, on the other hand, wants to reclaim its historical position in the area and preserve its national security, she said.

She also emphasized that the government’s new strategy is focused on openness to Africa and peace with neighbors, rather than focusing on the United States.

The UN Security Council on Wednesday encouraged Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan to “resume discussions” under the African Union’s auspices to achieve a deal on the GERD on the Nile River, which has heightened regional tensions.

Tunisia announced the proposal, saying that the deal must be “acceptable to everyone and binding on filling and running the dam within a fair time frame.”

This project, which, when completed, would be Africa’s largest hydroelectric dam, has caused a diplomatic crisis between Addis Ababa and the downstream countries of Egypt and Sudan.

Since Ethiopia began construction on the dam in 2011, there has been a controversy about it.

While Sudan and Egypt regard it as a danger because they rely on Nile waters, Ethiopia sees it as vital to its growth and a source of energy.

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