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Study recommends European retirees to buy homes in Saudi Arabia

According to a new survey, Saudi Arabia is one of the greatest destinations to retire to relax and enjoy life.

This study advised European retirees to buy a “second home” in Saudi Arabia to live in when they retire from work because housing prices are still inexpensive.

It is the most and least costly countries to buy a property if you earn an average wage or a pension, according to a recent survey produced by “Roving Megastore.”

As per findings, Saudi Arabia is the greatest country in the world for purchasing a home at an affordable price based on an annual salary.

Puerto Rico is also one of the cheapest countries in the world, with a 100-square-meter house costing an average of £110,000.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Express,” the cheapest homes are found in nations such as Portugal and Spain, but the least expensive choice is found elsewhere.

 “Daily Express reported that,” a 100-square-meter home in the United States may cost more than 207 thousand pounds to Britons interested in relocating there.

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