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Stories of two killed after Houthi projectile hit Jizan

After his wife gave birth to her third child, he brought her and the baby home and went out to bring her some requirements, but he did not have time to go back and see his baby. This story was told by the friend of the martyr Hadi Uraibi, who was martyred as a result of the fall of a projectile fired by the Houthi militia on Jizan, As a result, 7 civilians were injured, in addition to the damage of two shops, and 12 vehicles, as a result of flying shrapnel, in addition to the death of a resident.

Omar Oraibi, in his speech, said that his friend Hadi was going to buy supplies for his young son, but he was not happy with these moments.

He added: “My friend Hadi is known for his good morals, kindness, and people’s love for him, and his family is patient, for he is a martyr with God, and every citizen offers himself as a sacrifice for this country.”

Hadi Oreibi was buried in the cemetery of the season center, people asked God Almighty for mercy and forgiveness, and to inspire his relative’s patience and solace.

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen had announced the death of a Saudi citizen and a Yemeni resident as a result of the fall of a projectile fired by the Houthi militia on Jizan last Friday.

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