STC Launches its Unified Brand in KSA, Kuwait and Bahrain

STC launched recently its new unified brand identity in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain to enhance its performance and role as a leading digital enabler in the region, and set forth on a new journey.

Since its establishment in 1998, which marked a milestone in the communications and technology sector, STC set the record over the past 21 years for success in privatization and expansion projects in Saudi Arabia and the region. On this occasion, STC announced new offers for its customers, including free international roaming in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain, 10GB of data free and 100 free international call minutes in all three countries.

“STC’s new brand identity marks a new journey in digital services we are embarking on to enrich the lives of our customers and employees. The group is proud of its beginnings in Saudi Arabia and success in Kuwait and Bahrain, thanks to the Saudis, Kuwaitis, and Bahrainis who represent the majority of STC’s employees,” said Eng. Nasser Sulaiman Al Nasser, STC CEO.

He also stressed that the new brand is in line with the company’s progress in the digital transformation of digital payments, media, and entertainment, in order to keep up with the digital revolution and rapid changes in the communication and information technology sector. Eng. Al Nasser also explained that the new STC brand translates its role and innovative services that enable businesses in different sectors to work more efficiently and economically. The new identity also enhances STC’s brand value as the most valuable in the Middle East in 2019 according to Brand Finance, in addition to its ranking among the world’s top 50 digital companies according to Forbes ranking.

Eng. Al Nasser stressed that STC will continue to be a leader in the field, providing the best services and products and the newest technical solutions, in order to meet present and future needs in entertainment, communication, and information technologies.

“STC’s infrastructure makes it a leader in digital empowerment for the public and private sectors in Saudi Arabia, thus strengthening the Kingdom’s reputation in the Middle East and around the world,” he added.

On the role of digital empowerment in promoting local content, Eng. Abdullah Al-Kanhl noted that the company launched its strategy for local content through the “Rawafed” program in 2017, which contributed about 4 billion riyals in supporting local content and localization of the technology industry, pointing out that the company has worked nearly a decade to support resettlement opportunities in different sectors such as optical fiber networks. He noted that the business incubator “InspirU” supports youth innovation projects through providing them with financial and qualitative support in partnership with experts from Silicon Valley, as well as providing all capabilities for these promising projects.

He said: “Today, InspirU embraces 28 projects with investments amounting to 60 million SAR, while the market value of these investments is 300 million SAR. We are proud that InspirU’s supported projects have achieved 16 million users and contribute to creating 160,000 jobs, including part-time jobs.”

Eng. Mohammed Al-Abbadi, Vice President of Strategy Execution and Corporate Performance, explained the journey of changing STC’s brand, saying: “Launching our “DARE” strategy was part of STC’s journey in digital transformation and growth with new paths. As part of this journey, we decided to launch the new brand for STC group to enable digitization and open new paths beyond telecommunications, which is an extension of the development and transformation process that STC has been working on for years. The development of the Group’s new brand will be accompanied by a new start in the framework of STC towards playing a major role in enhancing the digital future locally and regionally.”

General Manager of Corporate Communications Eng. Mohamed Aba AlKheil confirmed that unifying the STC brand came as a result of a study which indicates that 92% of STC clients recognize the company with this name. Eng. Aba AlKheil said the new brand is not just a logo, but a set of visual, audio and verbal communication tools and sensory expressions which translate an integrated experience about the company. He explained that the launch of the new brand reflects part of the group’s vitality as a leading digital enabler locally, regionally and globally, that creates new jobs and business opportunities.

The company was established in Saudi Arabia in 1998 as a result of a privatization project by the Ministry of Post, Telegraph, and Telephone called “the Saudi Telecom Company”. In 2003, the company went public and set a record turnout.

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