South Korean First Lady, Plants Sapling at Riyadh Scientific Park

In a recent diplomatic event, the First Lady of South Korea, Kim Keon-hee, planted a sapling at Riyadh’s Scientific Park, marking a significant gesture on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and South Korea​. This gesture symbolizes the growing ties and cooperative spirit between the two nations.

South Korea and Saudi Arabia have been nurturing their diplomatic relations for over six decades. Over the years, the two nations have engaged in various bilateral agreements and joint ventures across different sectors, including trade, technology, and sustainable development. The recent visit by the South Korean First Lady and President Yoon Suk Yeol to Saudi Arabia, highlights the continued commitment towards fostering a robust partnership.

The planting event:

On October 23, 2023, the First Lady participated in a tree-planting ceremony at the Scientific Park in Riyadh, part of the Green Riyadh Project. This initiative seeks to promote environmental sustainability and awareness in Saudi Arabia. By planting the last of the 61 trees, the First Lady not only commemorated the long-standing diplomatic relations but also emphasized the shared values and goals towards environmental conservation between the two countries.

The event symbolizes a joint venture towards a greener and sustainable future. The bilateral engagement in environmental projects like the Green Riyadh Project underscores the shared vision and commitment towards tackling global environmental challenges. Through such meaningful gestures, South Korea and Saudi Arabia continue to foster a collaborative relationship, paving the way for future joint initiatives in environmental sustainability and other significant domains.

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