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Seasonal floods kill 80 people in Sudan

Sudan’s National Civil Defense Council announced on Sunday that the number of people killed and injured as a result of torrential rains and floods had reached 80.


According to official statistics, 17,080 houses were destroyed, while 23,850 were partially destroyed, in addition to the destruction of a large number of shops and facilities.


This comes as the Sudanese government declared a state of emergency in six states due to torrential rains.


The Sudan Meteorological Authority warned on Sunday that this year’s rains will be heavier and that sudden floods may hit most of the states, necessitating caution, particularly in low-lying areas.


The emergency meeting of Sudan’s National Civil Defense Council recommended limiting all existing support, including shelter materials, and distributing it fairly and urgently to the states most affected by torrential rains, namely the Nile, Al Jazeera, Kassala, and Sennar states.


Due to the torrential rains, Sudan’s Minister of Social Development, Ahmed Adam Bakhit, confirmed that the country may be declared a natural disaster area in the coming hours.


Many homes were damaged


He also revealed that the torrential rains had partially or destroyed 43,000 homes, which may force authorities to open an air bridge if roads cannot be opened.


Furthermore, he stated that those affected by the floods have an urgent need for food and shelter, and he appealed to organizations and friendly countries for assistance.


Many people were killed


These statements follow the announcement on Thursday by a senior official that more than 70 people have died and 14,500 homes have been destroyed in Sudan as a result of monsoon rains, floods, and torrential rains.


Sudan’s National Civil Defense Council spokesman Abdel Jalil Abdel Rahim told the Associated Press that the death toll has risen to 77 since the beginning of the rainy season in May.


North Kordofan, Gezira, South Kordofan, South Darfur, and the River Nile are among the most affected states, according to him.

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