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Scientists Discover Fortress in Khaybar Oasis

Scientists Discover Fortress in Khaybar Oasis

Archeological  discoveries in Saudi Arabia reveal the ancient way of life of its inhabitants.  Engravings on mountains and rocks show their daily activities, bearing witness to history. The most recent of these discoveries is a fortress in Khaybar Oasis.

The Kingdom is still full of signs and evidence that daily confirm its deep roots in human history, especially the archaeological discoveries, according to Akhbaar24.

Fortifications in Khaybar Oasis

A team of archaeologists found massive fortifications in the Khaybar Oasis in the AlUla Governorate. It dates back to the Bronze Age, specifically between 2250 and 1950 BCE.

Scientific journal “sciencedirect”  published a study which explained that the new archaeological discovery consists of a huge fortress with walls.

The walls stretch for a distance of 14.5 kilometers and rise 5 meters above the ground. Slightly less than half of these walls remain standing.

The study indicated that this walled oasis had not been discovered due to the erosion and desertification that affected the natural desert region over the course of 4,000 years.

The story of this fortress

The study pointed out that the history of these walls dates back to the end of the third millennium BCE.

They were constructed after the settlement of the indigenous people in the region to protect the oasis and give it a distinctive architectural touch to distinguish it from other settlements in the Arabian Peninsula.

However, the walls underwent several modifications over the ages including replacement, or addition. Thus, this made it the largest historical walled oasis in the extended desert in northern Arabia.

The study also added that this significant discovery confirms the appearance of inhabited complexes in the region during the Bronze Age.

Scientists spent 3 years  to locate and determine its dimensions,

It serves as a pivotal starting point for future studies on local social and political complexity. The scientists also confirm that walls completely surrounded the Khaybar Oasis  during the pre-Islamic eras.

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