Sawahel Al Jazeera Media Organizes the Global Entrepreneurship Week

On the occasion of Global Entrepreneurship Week, Sawahel Al Jazeera Media Company is hosting a four-day celebration on the “Zoom” platform, beginning on Sunday, November 21.

This celebration takes place under the supervision of Ms. Al-Jawhara Al-Otaishan; Chairman of the Board of Directors and Editor-in-Chief of “Entrepreneurs” magazine, under the patronage of Prince Saud bin Sultan Al Saud.

The event is sponsored by Saudi Airlines, the “Mulhim” platform, the Khatib and Alami Company as a silver sponsor, and Alif Alef Radio as a media sponsor.

The virtual celebration kicks off on Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Riyadh time and will feature several activities highlighting the most essential entrepreneurial ideas, including project finance, company incubators and accelerators, e-commerce, and success stories.

The ceremony will take place at the Marriott Hotel on Wednesday, November 24, in the presence of some successful partners, including the King Salman Institute for Entrepreneurship, Prince Mohammed bin Salman College of Entrepreneurship, Saudi Airlines, and others.

The idea of Celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week 

Increasing possibilities for young people to learn about supporting bodies, incubators, and accelerators that can assist them to get started on their entrepreneurial path by raising awareness and knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship.

Shedding light on the success stories of the most important entrepreneurs and reviewing their inspiring experiences.

The purpose of the celebration

Under the overall cultural, social, and media goals, the “Entrepreneurs” magazine celebration intends to actively contribute to the development of the small economic enterprise system, making it capable of producing new entrepreneurs.

Event Programs

First: establishing and financing projects

This event will feature several presenters and specialists who will discuss how business incubators work and how eager they are to help start-up entrepreneurs see their project ideas come to life on the ground, as well as what business accelerators can do to help projects that have already begun.

Effectiveness elements:

1- Entities that support entrepreneurs’ projects.

2- Ideas of projects that can be supported by business incubators.

3- What should an entrepreneur do to gain the support of accelerators?

Second: Business incubators

Despite the growth of e-commerce, especially in light of the present global crisis, companies specializing in this industry face significant difficulty. As a result, the second event will celebrate the success of “Entrepreneurs” magazine in e-commerce and teach attendees how to create an online store.

Effectiveness axes:

1- Supply and delivery chains.

2- Electronic payment.

3- Building content and visual output.

4- The importance of digital marketing.

5- Is digital marketing superior to traditional face-to-face marketing?

6- Best Marketing Strategies.

7- How can customer sustainability be maintained?

Third: The reality of entrepreneurship in universities

The third session explores how Saudi universities integrate entrepreneurship into their academic experience and program, including developing curricula based on innovation and entrepreneurship, engaging with leaders and industry, and obtaining capital. To help students become more efficient and attain their objectives.

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