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“Saudi Winter” in Disa: Festival for Springs & Henna

The “Saudi Winter” season contributed to reintroducing tourist areas to guests, the local tourist and the citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, from new angles.

It is represented by the depth of history, the diversity of the climate, and the variety of the terrain present in more than 17 tourist destinations that participate in tourism activities and packages provided by more than 200 companies from December 10 to March 31.

The Disa Valleys are at the forefront of the tourist destinations that attract attention. History, beauty and water combine in the village of Disa, located 200 kilometers southwest of Tabuk, 400 meters above sea level, with its moderate weather, fertile land, and varied topography.

It forms a destination frequented by many visitors and tourists aiming to enjoy the beauty of its dazzling nature throughout the year.

Disa is famous for its fresh water and water springs running throughout the year. Its mountains and valleys are a special place for hiking during the seasons of the year. Wadi Quarter is one of the most famous valleys, as it has many water springs located at the top, the ture, the typical, and the valley starts from the slopes of the Free Mountains, and flows south of Duba.

 The mild climate of Disa is among the most important signs of this year’s “Saudi Winter” season, although it is part of the Tabuk region known to score below zero degrees. But Disa is an exception which allows for the diversity of its products.

Its orchards of fruits and vegetables include varieties that do not grow in winter, such as strawberries and mangoes. What draws attention to this town is its steep, high mountains covered with greenery which are surrounded by golden deserts, amazing hills, farms and castles, which made it a suitable place for mountaineering lovers.

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