Saudi Student Rima Al Youssef innovates bones from “artificial shells”

Rima Youssef Al Youssef, a third-year secondary school student from Safwa City’s Sharkia Education Department, invented “artificial shell bones” made of calcium carbonate as an alternative to skewers.

The goal of this invention was to avoid the drawbacks of using iron skewers in the first place.

It has been nominated for AITEX 2022 by the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Giftedness and Creativity.

In the domains of medicine and medical engineering, Rima received a gold award.

Rima began her research path after competing in the National Olympiad for Scientific Creativity for three times from 2019 to 2022, and reaching the Kingdom finals last year.

She said she was born into a family that values science, education, and creativity, and that they had taken part in several local and international programmes and competitions.

She also volunteered as a trainer for a number of charitable and scientific initiatives, including providing a method and advise for students to learn about scientific topics such as research and unique and original ideas.

She also went through the experience of judging creativity for this year in the special awards.

Rima Al-Youssef explained her reason for choosing her research issue is her passion in the field of medicine initially

She also mention that the other reason which motivated her for this invention is because some of her family suffer from the same problem

She indicated her desire to enhance the effort and concentrate on clinical and laboratory trials in order to get it off the ground as quickly as possible.

While she is also working on her other innovation entitled “Feed Me Safely”, which is a coating of strips to reduce the electromagnetic radiation caused when food is heated and cooked in microwaves on human devices and cells.

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