Saudi Railways to sign MOU with Italian company to launch a luxury tourist train


Saudi Railways (SAR) signed a memorandum of understanding with the Italian Arsenale Group, on Wednesday, with the aim of launching luxury tourist trains for the first time in the Kingdom.


The Italian company said on its Twitter account that the aim of launching the trains is to “contribute to enriching the tourism sector and providing new travel options for different customer segments.”


The Italian company explained that the new train, which was called “Desert Dream”, provides an opportunity for visitors and residents of Saudi Arabia to get acquainted with the Kingdom’s landmarks, which contributes to supporting tourism goals in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030.


Passenger & Mineral Transport

The SAR train is 2,750 km long and is intended for passenger and mineral transport.

It consists of 6 passenger stations in the North Train project distributed along the track, which are King Khalid Airport, Al Majmaah, Al Qassim, Hail, Al Jouf, and Al Haditha.


The operation of the industrial part of the project began in the last quarter of 2010.


It aims to transfer minerals from the Hazm Al-Jalamid mine and the Al-Zubaira mine to the refineries in Ras Al-Zour, north of Jubail.


It contains 9 stations for freight services distributed along the track, which are Riyadh, Sudair, Qassim, Hail, Al-Jawf, Al-Basita, Ras Al-Zour, Jubail, and Al-Haditha, and transporting phosphate and bauxite ores from the north and center of the Kingdom to processing and mining facilities in Ras Al-Khair on the Arabian Gulf.



Haramain Express Train

The length of the Haramain Express Train in Saudi Arabia is 450 km for passenger transportation.


It connects Jeddah and Makkah with a double line of 78 km, which shortens the distance between the two cities to less than half an hour.


The length of the line linking Jeddah and Madinah is 410 km and shortens the distance to about two and a half hours.


It has a passenger station in the center of Jeddah and another at Jeddah Airport, in addition to a station in Medina and two stations in Makkah Al-Mukarramah.


The next stages include establishing a station in King Abdullah Economic City. It has a high speed of more than 300 kilometers per hour.

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