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KSrelief opens a workshop with the Islamic Development Bank

KSrelief participated in a workshop organized by the IsDB and the (ISFD) on the initiative named: “Eye Health Care to Empower Children in Africa”.


Dr. Aqeel Al-Ghamdi, Assistant General Supervisor of the Center, headed recently the workshop in Jeddah.

In his speech on this occasion, the doctor explained that the KSA is among the top 10 donor countries in the world.


He added that the country provides humanitarian and development assistance to low- and middle-income countries.


He noted that in the past three decades, KSA spent more than $96 billion on humanitarian aid.


KSA was the highest country in the world in 2021.


It provided humanitarian aid equivalent to $7.2 billion (1.05 percent of its gross national income).


KSrelief provided humanitarian and relief assistance to those affected by conflicts and disasters from all over the world.


Al-Ghamdi added that KSrelief since 2015, made many relief efforts to provide international relief to communities affected by crises.


The center has implemented 2,314 projects covering 90 countries, at a total cost of more than 6 billion US dollars, with the aim of preserving human life and dignity.


KSrelief efforts to fight blindness globally


He added that according to a report published by (IAPB) in 2023, 1.1 billion people around the world live with the possibility of blindness due to a lack of eye care services.


By 2050, this number is expected to rise to 1.8 billion people if there is no improvement in care services.

According to Dr. Aqil Al-Ghamdi, the King Salman Relief Center has attached great importance to the problem of blindness.


Since 2018, the center has implemented voluntary humanitarian campaigns specialized in combating avoidable blindness in 17 African countries.


Over the past five years, 242 voluntary projects have been implemented through the Saudi Noor Program.

These voluntary projects were for “Combating Blindness and Caused Diseases.


The budget for these projects has exceeded 16 million dollars.

It aims to combat blindness and alleviate the suffering of about 880,000 affected people.


Al-Ghamdi concluded his speech by stressing that the center will continue to provide humanitarian and relief work.


He also stressed that the Kingdom will remain a pioneer in providing life-saving support to those in need from all over the world.

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