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Saudi photographer captures amazing moment of falcon attacking drone camera

Nasser Shanan, a Saudi photographer, was able to get a unique view of a falcon flying in the sky of the Al-Baha region with the splendour of the Sarawat Mountains behind him using a drone.

“The falcon attacked the drone when it was flying above the mountain range in Al-Mandaq Governorate,” Shanan told

The camera captured the moment the bird approached the plane, mistaking it for prey, as most birds do when they see this type of drone.

“At the hour of the pounce, and as he approached it, hearing the strength of the sound and witnessing the strength of the propellers rotating, he hurriedly turned away,” the Saudi photographer added.

“The Al-Mandaq Ranges are recognised for the existence of falcon dens in the high mountains, in which birds of prey normally flourish,” he added

He explained that the scenes in the video clip take place in the Al-Mandaq governorate of the Al-Baha region, which is situated on the Sarawat mountain range, which has a variety of terrains and running valleys.

He noted that these mountains, which are covered in juniper and wild olive trees, are home to a variety of well-known birds, including predatory and delicate species.

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