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Saudi military female personnel strengthens the security of pilgrims

Saudi military female personnel strengthens the security of pilgrims

During the Hajj season this year, Saudi female soldiers contributed to enhancing security in the Grand Mosque and the holy sites and conducting safety work in the pilgrims’ camps and facilities for those serving them.

The women participants achieved a distinguished presence through their contributions to the security work during the Hajj season this year, and their participation was a natural continuation of their labor, which had been providing service to the community in diverse domains since ancient times.

In the Grand Mosque, female soldiers execute a variety of security jobs, including organizing and monitoring the implementation of preventive measures and security monitoring of everything linked to the women’s side of the site.

During the Hajj season this year, these actions were seen in many areas of the Ministry of Interior, including civil defense, passports, and public security in its various directorates and sectors, where female soldiers assisted with organization, inspection, control, field follow-up, translation, receiving communications, and other tasks.

Based on the “Kingdom’s Vision 2030,” which stated that “women are an important component of the Kingdom’s strength,” the Saudi government has strengthened support for women’s presence in various fields and empowered them in the security corps to be a partner in the transformation industry the Kingdom is witnessing.

Saudi women will continue to develop their talents and invest their energies to obtain the appropriate opportunities to build their futures and contribute to the development of society and the economy by providing the factors that help empower them, such as political will, economic potential, and community awareness of the importance of women’s role in development.

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