Saudi Media Forum Awards witnesses a significant turnout from competitors

The Saudi Media Forum Award, in its second session, received a large number of media entries to compete for the first positions in the award branches.

The results of the award will be announced during the “Saudi Media Forum” activities on February 20 and 21.

The award aims to develop media content and the media system in the Kingdom, stimulate competition and professional creativity, and honor creators.

The award branches are divided into print journalism, electronic journalism, visual production, audio production, Twitter content, entrepreneurship in the media field, and scientific production. This is in addition to the media personality of the year.

Individuals can nominate themselves for the categories.

Saudi media organizations are entitled to nominate whomever they see among their employees in any of the award’s branches.

The personality of the year will be chosen by the award’s board of directors.

The Saudi Media Forum will discuss developments in media work around the world in its various forms, audio, visual, print, and digital.

The forum also reviews the most prominent local and international experiences in the media, and its role as an active industry in social, political, sports, and economic issues.

It addresses the importance of digital media and marketing, mobile journalism, television and journalism, and the art of news editing, as well as the reality of Arab media.

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