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Saudi Manga Productions Premiere ‘The Journey’ Movie in Chinese

Saudi company Manga Productions released the official “The Journey” trailer in Chinese. This comes following the high demand from international companies to distribute ” The Journey,” as the movie in its Chinese version enticed famous voice actors in China to be part of the film.


The movie premiere coincided with the holding of a conference on cooperation between Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa, in the presence of a large number of government agencies and Arab diplomatic consulates, as well as a remarkable presence of major news channels and platforms and pioneers in the content industry in the creative, entertainment and distribution fields.

The CEO of the company for production, Dr. Essam Bukhari, explained that what he found during the film’s release of official and popular hospitality and interest in the Chinese media is a strong indication of the vital role that content and media play in strengthening friendly relations and cultural and commercial exchange between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and China.

The story of the movie “The Journey”, which was produced in Saudi-Japanese cooperation between Manga Productions and Toei Animation, was inspired by the history of the Arabian Peninsula. In the next year, it received positive reviews and enthusiastic responses from the public, the media, and critics.

On the sidelines of the conference, a distribution agreement for the movie “The Journey” was signed between Manga Productions and the “MYTV Super” platform, which is the largest broadcasting platform in Hong Kong, and it will be shown starting from December 19, 2022, in Hong Kong, and during the seasonal winter break in Macau.


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