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Saudi man displays 10,000 antiquities in a private museum

Saudi Man Displays 10000 Antiquities in a Private Museum

Saudi Nasser Al-Fayan collected more than 10,000 antiquities during a quarter of a century in a private museum in the Al-Atula governorate in the Kingdom’s southwest.

In an exclusive interview with, Al-Fayan explained that he began collecting heritage pieces in 1994 in his home. He kept his interest in heritage until a building was allocated to him in 2017.

He added the building consists of external yards through which some of the environmental components have been embodied.

The outer courtyards include a cultural hut in which some of the old components were used. The collector receives tourists, guests and hosts literary seminars.

The Museum

The museum consists of two floors and was built of stone, the ceilings with juniper, dark and western wood, as nice old doors.

It is divided into three main sections; the first is called Al-Ma’zab, which includes ancient cooking utensils and serving utensils such as newspapers, shovels, pots, and others.

The second section, Al Mujah, is the hospitality section, with wooden plates and lighting tools, and some documents.

The third section is called Al-Shaqiq, and it contains manuscripts, coins, and ancient agricultural tools, in addition to swords, weapons, jewellery, women’s clothes, and old household utensils.

Al-Fayan added that the second floor of the museum is called Al-Ra’ash, used as a coffee space. It has a beautiful view of Al-Atula, Wadi Quraish, and part of the Governorate of Al-Qura.

Among the most distinguished artefacts and manuscripts are a stone tombstone that dates back to a thousand years, Qurans that are between 500 and 600 years old, and 300-year-old swords, guns, and knives.

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