Saudi Liquidity Levels Reach Peak of SAR 2,825,715 Mln

Liquidity levels (available money) in the Saudi economic system grew significantly, reaching their peak of 2,825,715 million riyals at the end of May 2024, reported Al Arabiya.

These levels recorded an estimated 8.6% annual growth and an increase exceeding 222.928 billion riyals, compared to the end of the similar period in 2023 which was at 2,602,786 million riyals.

Liquidity has grown since the beginning of the year by 4%, meaning an increase of more than 104,757 billion riyals. It amounted to 2,720,957 million riyals at the end of January.

Liquidity levels also achieved an estimated 1.2%, monthly growth, an increase amounting to about 32,402 billion riyals, compared to what they were at the end of April of the same year at the level of 2,793,313 million riyals.

These levels of liquidity support economic and commercial activity, and they are an effective contributor to the process of economic development.

The liquidity levels of the Saudi economy significantly grew to SAR 2,823,745 million, or over SAR 2.823 trillion by the end of March 2024, reported Saudi Press Agency (SPA). This growth marked an annual increase of 8.3%, reaching SAR 215 billion, compared to SAR 2,608,319 million in the same period in 2023.

According to the statistical bulletin of the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) for March, the liquidity levels have witnessed a monthly growth of 2.5%, amounting SAR 67.553 billion, compared to SAR 2,756,193 million in February 2024. These levels are highly significant as they are considered as catalysts for economic and commercial activity. Moreover, they play a central role in the economic development and the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP).

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