Saudi “Human Resources”: Women’s Assumption of the Position of Judge is Soon

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia revealed that the position of women as judges is soon to come, pointing to the increase in the participation of women in the labor market to 31 percent.

The Undersecretary for Women’s Empowerment, Hind Al-Zahid, said in an interview with the “Direct Question” program on the “Al-Arabiya” channel, “The Saudi government is serious in supporting the issue of empowering women, and on several levels, to enter and remain in the labor market through a supportive environment and opportunities and through equal access to leadership positions.”

 Women’s participation in the labor market

In her interview, Zahid explained that the numbers are what she speaks about, whether from “increasing women’s participation in the labor market, the number of leaders and their presence in sectors in which they were not present in the past. The most important neutral international indicators made clear what Saudi Arabia provided in support of empowering women, on all levels.”

She pointed out that “the past years have witnessed a great development in the file of women’s empowerment due to a strong political will,” indicating that “the required percentage of women’s participation in the labor market was 25 percent during 2025, and now we have reached 31 percent, and this is a very significant progress.”

In addition, Zahid stated that “the percentage of women in the government sector was approximately 39 percent, and they became 41 percent, most of them in the education and health sectors, and some in ministries and other government agencies. For women leaders in this sector, the number still needs a lot of work, as it was 1.6 percent in 2017, and today we reached 2.5 percent. ”She said, adding: “As for the private sector, the situation is better, as the percentage of women in senior and middle leadership positions is estimated at 25 percent, according to the latest statistic.”

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