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Saudi Heritage Commission Participates in Egyptian Exhibition “Our Heritage”

The Saudi Heritage Commission, an affiliate of the Saudi Ministry of Culture, is participating in the fifth session of the “Our Heritage” Exhibition for Handicrafts and Heritage. This exhibition, being held at the Egypt International Exhibitions Center (8th-14th of October), aims to showcase and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Saudi Arabia. Under the patronage of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, the event brought together artists, craftsmen, and cultural enthusiasts from various countries to promote the traditional crafts and heritage of the participating nations.

Showcasing Saudi Heritage

At the Heritage Commission pavilion, visitors have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of heritage products and handicrafts from Saudi Arabia. These included exquisite wickerwork, leather goods, palm and gypsum handicrafts, rosaries, precious stones, and other handmade products that reflect the national heritage and cultural identity of the Kingdom. Saudi Ambassador to Egypt, Osama bin Ahmed Naqli, expressed his admiration for the efforts displayed by the Heritage Commission in showcasing the richness and diversity of Saudi heritage.

Moreover, the participation of the Saudi Heritage Commission in international exhibitions like “Our Heritage” highlights the Kingdom’s commitment to fostering cultural exchange and promoting its unique heritage on a global platform. By engaging with artists and craftsmen from different countries, the Commission aims to create opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and cultural experiences. 

Saudi Arabia and Egypt: Strong Cultural Ties

Saudi Arabia and Egypt share a long history of cultural exchange and cooperation. Both countries have a rich heritage that spans thousands of years and have made significant contributions to the cultural and artistic world. The participation of the Saudi Heritage Commission strengthens the ties between the two nations and provides a platform for mutual appreciation and understanding of their respective cultural traditions.

Furthermore, the Saudi Heritage Commission is committed to fostering collaborations with other countries to promote cultural exchange and preserve global heritage. Through partnerships and joint initiatives, the Commission aims to create opportunities for artists, craftsmen, and cultural enthusiasts to engage with different cultural traditions and explore new artistic expressions. Additionally, the Commission plays a vital role in preserving and celebrating heritage for future generations


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