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Saudi Arabia gears up for Halloween celebrations

Saudi Arabia gears up for Halloween celebrations

In the Catholic Christian community, “Halloween” refers to the night before All Saints’ Day. Every year on November 1st, this holiday is observed. As a result, every year on October 31, Halloween is celebrated.

 Halloween celebration in Saudi Arabia began in 2018 when pioneers on social networking sites shared videos that they said were for a party held in the city of Riyadh.

The clips show people dressed in spooky costumes at a party similar to the event’s celebrations.

The opinions of the Saudi tweeters were divided, via #Halloween_Riyadh, regarding the scenes circulated.

A large number of Twitter users called the event “scandalous” and “contrary to the traditional Saudi community’s religious and cultural beliefs.”

On the other hand, others called for respecting personal freedoms and stopping spreading rumors.

But in 2021, things were completely different, as the event became a common thing for Saudis, and the celebrations became public.

Many foreign nationals say that religious festivals like Halloween and Christmas used to be celebrated quietly until Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Vision 2030 was announced, which helped liberate religious and other festivals celebrated by the kingdom’s diverse population.

Malls across the country are selling Halloween-themed costumes and decorations, while bakeries and supermarkets are taking advantage of the pumpkin season by selling themed items.

People can take their families to public events this year, such as Horror Adventures at Riyadh Season’s Winter Wonderland, which includes a haunted house, a scary maze, and games.

In the capital, people can also drive up to the Tuwaiq Palace parking area in the Diplomatic Quarter in Riyadh for trick-or-treating and participate in fun competitions for the whole family.

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