Saudi Fund to discuss international cooperation with the Asian Development Bank

The CEO of the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), Sultan bin Abdulrahman Al-Murshed, met in the capital, Manila, with the President of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), Masatsugo Asakawa, to discuss development cooperation frameworks between the two parties.


During the meeting, they reviewed the development projects funded by the SFD in developing countries in the Asian continent and around the world.

Sustainable development
These projects contribute to achieving sustainable development in countries that benefit from development support.


The program for exchanging experiences and knowledge between the two sides was also discussed.

Exchanging of experiences

The program aims to enhance cooperation in the development field through the exchange of experiences and knowledge and the development of the latest tools and means to contribute to achieving sustainable development.


The CEO of the SFD stressed the importance of partnership between donors and the need for effective coordination and unification of efforts to maximize the developmental impact on the beneficiaries of development projects, especially in light of the crises facing the world.


The meeting included an introductory tour for the fund delegation at the Asian Development Bank headquarters, during which members of the delegation met with bank officials.


They learned about the working mechanism used and discussed possible aspects of cooperation and partnership between the two parties.


It is noteworthy that, since 1975, the Saudi Fund for Development has provided funding for 265 projects and programs in Asia, with a value exceeding $7.3 billion.


30 countries benefited from SFD, as these projects covered various sectors, including education, health, water, housing, energy, agriculture, and others.

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