Session on AI usage in improving Justice takes place

Within the work of the International Justice Conference, on its second and final day, a session was held entitled “Employing Artificial Intelligence to Improve Justice”.


With the participation of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice for Planning and Development, Eng. Yasser Al-Sudais, a researcher specializing in the intersections between technology and law at the University of Oxford, Francesca Mazi, and a researcher at the East China University of Political Sciences Faculty of Law, Dr. Deng Suning.


The session discussed the work of developing technology and benefiting from it in the judicial field, and how to be able and control technology to reach answers without errors.


Participants talked about the importance of employing technology and artificial intelligence to reach the goals of sustainable development, with human intervention to verify everything that is issued.


Eng. Al-Sudais said, “Artificial intelligence provides an opportunity to shorten the time. The ministry is also working on the field of artificial intelligence and employing it well, with good infrastructure, and establishing a case modeling project through technology.”


He added that a system for assigning cases has been launched to collect data and know the types of cases that constitute a burden on the courts, and artificial intelligence helps greatly in this so that judgments are implemented appropriately and accurately while avoiding errors that may be through artificial intelligence and working on its development.


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