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Minister of Justice: Saudi Arabia to develop justice sector

The Saudi Minister of Justice, Dr. Walid bin Muhammad Al-Samaani, inaugurated today the proceedings of the International Judicial Conference exhibition in Riyadh.

Many ministers of Justice, officials, elite specialists, and jurists from around the world attended, with the participation of more than 4,000 participants, and 50 speakers and international experts.


Justice technologies

The exhibition of justice technologies will continue until tomorrow. It reviews global technologies and allows visitors to learn about developments in information technology and artificial intelligence in matters of justice and law.


It contains several wings, including preventive justice, alternative means of dispute resolution, judiciary, enforcement, and others.


In his speech at the opening of the conference, Dr. Al-Samaani said: “The International Judicial Conference aims to build judicial partnerships, transfer experiences, and exchange expertise.


Accelerating changes

He added, “In light of the accelerating changes in the world in all aspects, including the legal sectors; it is necessary to keep pace with these changes and to consider them as an opportunity for improvement and development, especially with regard to supporting and enhancing techniques for judicial guarantees.


The Minister confirmed that the slogan of the conference comes to facilitate access to justice through digital technologies and to achieve knowledge enrichment about the future of justice technologies, in accordance with the highest human rights guarantees.


Vision 2030

He added, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has worked, in light of Vision 2030, to develop all sectors, including the justice sector, by supporting digital innovations and launching development initiatives and projects that promote the values of justice and transparency.”

It is noteworthy that among the objectives of the conference is to enhance digital capabilities, consolidate guarantees in digital justice applications, inspire ideas, exchange experiences, and expertise, strengthen relations between countries and forge partnerships, and highlight the latest global trends in the justice sectors.


The conference will discuss several issues, most notably the future of the judiciary in light of digital transformation, international experiences in digital transformation, the legal dimension of artificial intelligence, the employment of artificial intelligence in improving justice, data analysis to improve justice, and the future of alternative means of settling disputes in light of digital transformation.

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