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Saudi Foundation Day 2023 : Celebrations dominate the whole Kingdom lands

The Saudi foundation day is an event in which divisions and conflicts intensified, and peoples and nations dispersed over one land and one homeland.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia commemorates the founding of the first Saudi state by Muhammad bin Saud in 1727 in the Emirate of Diriyah, which is located at the northwestern tip of the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

The first Saudi state was founded by Imam Muhammad bin Saud, and in an event that spanned three centuries, the characteristics of the kingdom changed.

The Saudi Founding Day 2023 is celebrated, and the wise leadership develops national belonging, opens the horizon of creativity, and keeps abreast of its developments.

Saudi founding day celebrations

The first celebration of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2022 coincided with the issuance of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, a royal decree declaring the day of its founding, February 22, an official holiday for all parties, with Imam Muhammad bin Saud announcing the establishment of the first Saudi state in 1139 AH, 30 Jumada al-Thani, corresponding to February 22, 1727 AD.

The first Saudi state existed until the year 1233 AH / 1818 AD, and its constitution was written by the Qur’an and the Prophet. In 1351 AH / 1932 AD, King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud founded it.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia celebrates, on Wednesday, February 22, the anniversary of the founding of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2023.

It is the second celebration of this influential day in the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, after the decree of King Salman bin Abdulaziz in January 2022.

The celebration of this anniversary aims to enhance the spirit of belonging and national pride in the country’s firm roots, its unity, and its pride in the achievements of imams and kings over the past centuries and decades.

Official Leave

The most important aspect of celebrating the founding day is considering this day an official holiday in all cities of the Kingdom.

The Saudi state is organizing a celebration worthy of the value and greatness of this date. The state has also downloaded a set of special offers and discounts for several days on the occasion of this celebration.

Special Offers

Many malls and commercial companies, whether governmental or private, offered special offers to citizens on the occasion of the first celebration.

The Saudi Ministry of Commerce offers special offers during a limited period through its online portal.

According to official media, the government has prepared events that include musical performances on the modern history of the Kingdom, fireworks, drone shows, and sound effects, with the participation of about 3,500 people.


Saudi components and symbols:

There are Saudi components, symbols, and activities that are displayed to celebrate the 2023  founding day:-

Palm trees: which is part of the Saudi identity and heritage, and one of the most important sources of income for the Kingdom.

Horses: As a result of the strong relationship between the people of the Arabian Peninsula and the horses that were domesticated for the first time on this land, and became expressive of originality, and they wrote poetry and prose about them.

Falcon: Arab tribes were famous for hunting and training falcons and considering them as a sport, and they were exchanged as gifts between tribal sheikhs to resolve disputes.

Market: It is held in every city on a regular basis: weekly, monthly, or annually. It is a symbol of prosperity and commercial exchange with the beginnings of the first Saudi state.

Fireworks in the cities of the Kingdom, and distinctive light shows.

Interactive exhibitions to display traditional costumes, heritage, and Saudi identity.

Musical and theatrical performances.

A review of the Saudi Arda  (Saudi Dance) and folk dances.

Cultural events and simulation of the old Saudi markets.

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