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Saudi Crown Prince establishes Strategic Office to Develop Northern Borders Region

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince, Prime Minister, and Chairman of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs – may God protect him – announced the establishment of the Strategic Office for the Development of the Northern Border Region.


It aims to raise the level of development in the cities and governorates of the region, to enhance the quality of life for its residents and visitors, by investing in the economic, natural, and historical elements of the region, and its strategic border location as one of the northern gates of the Kingdom.

launching specific initiatives and projects


The Strategic Office for the Development of the Northern Borders Region will be responsible for launching specific initiatives and projects that contribute to creating an investment environment that attracts capital.


It will achieve a great development and economic renaissance and provide job opportunities for male and female citizens, in a way that enhances the goals of sustainable development.


Supporting development


The office coordinates between government agencies to support development in the cities and governorates of the northern borders, organizes their development mechanisms, and measures the performance of government agencies, by re-employing potential and natural resources, in a way that enhances the economic and social aspects in them, and to be a nucleus for establishing a development authority in the region.


Extension of development agencies


The Crown Prince’s announcement of the establishment of the Strategic Office for the Development of the Northern Border Region comes as an extension of the announcement of a number of strategic offices and development agencies in several regions, after development agencies and similar offices in the regions of the Kingdom achieved great success in their tasks under the direct supervision of His Highness.


This reflects his keenness – may God protect him – that sustainable development includes all regions and cities and transforms them into main attractions for internal and external investments and global tourism, political, economic, cultural, and sports events, in a way that benefits all citizens, and creates a thriving economy and a vibrant society for an ambitious nation, in order to achieve the goals of the vision 2030.


Exceptional capabilities


The strategic office focuses its attention on benefiting from the exceptional capabilities that the region and its cities enjoy, as well as investing in the natural, touristic, and historical heritage components that it abounds in.


This is in order to raise its contribution to the national economy and to create a balanced development environment that attracts local and foreign investments, which diversifies the sources of income for citizens, in addition to the office’s contribution to expanding job opportunities for the people of the region.


Addressing  difficulties 


The Strategic Office for the Development of the Northern Borders Region will also work to address any difficulties or obstacles that prevent maximizing the utilization of the economic potentials that the governorates abound in agricultural, tourism, heritage, and entertainment projects.


The northern border area occupies an area of 133 square kilometers of the Kingdom’s area and is inhabited by 400,000 people. It contributes 27 billion riyals to the Kingdom’s gross domestic product.


Herbs and pastures grow and spread in the region. There are also many archaeological sites that date back to pre-Islamic times, such as the foundations of the walls of the Duqarah Palace, and the Rafha governorate, which was a station for pilgrims.

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