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Officials, businessmen congratulate the leadership on the occasion of the “Founding Day”

Officials and businessmen congratulated the leadership on “Founding Day”, stressing that it is one of the eternal days of the homeland in the hearts.


They have mentioned Muhammad bin Saud who achieved unity more than 300 years ago.


They assured of educating the new generation about this glorious launch and the stages that accompanied the march of their homeland.


Dr. Yusuf bin Saleh Al-Rajhi, congratulations to King Salman, his crown prince, and the honorable Saudi people on the “Foundation Day.”



Al-Rajhi declared that celebrating this day strengthened patriotism in the souls of the young generation.

he added it helps them to remember the history of our country and its distinguished leaders.


he added, “We are in a prosperous era, remembering history and telling it to generations about the history of the homeland of, glory, and goodness.”


businessman Al-Mousa urged Saudis as they remember this day, to thank God for the blessings that our country is experiencing.


300 years ago wise leadership


businessman Muhammad Al-Rousan congratulated the wise leadership on the occasion of “foundation day”.


businessman Ibrahim Al-Muhaidib said: “The founding day” is a precious memory of the establishment of the Kingdom, 300 years ago.


Al-Muhaidib added: We have lived in close contact between leaders and citizens since the time of Imam Muhammad bin Saud, three centuries ago.

Businessman Hamid bin Samar also extended his congratulations to, King Salman, and His Crown Prince on this occasion.


Ibn Samar said: the founding stage is pivotal in the life of every nation, not only for the Saudis.


He added that this constituted a qualitative turning point and a spearhead for the Arab and Islamic nations. Because this blessed land is the place of revelation.


He continued, saying, as its land is honored with the status of the Two Holy Mosques, the destination of Muslims from all parts of the globe.

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