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Saudi Falcons Club auction precedes 366 thousand riyals

The “Saudi Falcons Club” auction, held within the “King Abdulaziz Festival” in Molham, north of Riyadh, succeeded in raising the intensity of competition between falconers, as sales of “Falcons” deals on Friday evening reached about 366 thousand riyals.

The competition for the first auction card was strong against “Farkh Shaheen” by Al-Tarouh Falah Sahman Al-Subaie, who is 15 inches and a quarter tall and weighs 970 grams. It was launched in the Jubail region in the Eastern Province, and was won by Dhaif Allah Al-Harithi, with a value of 110,000 riyals.

 Ahmed Al-Mutairi acquired the second falcon deal “Farkh Shaheen” With a value of 125 thousand riyals, by Belkacem Ahmed Al-Maqadi and his partners, which was tendered in Al-Qunfudhah Governorate in the Western Region. It weighs 945 grams, is 15 inches long and 15 inches wide.

The auction of falcons is intensifying competition. It is noteworthy that the highest value on the first day was 106 thousand riyals for “Shaheen Qarnas”, which is the share of Prince Abdullah bin Sultan, bin Abdullah Al Saud.

While the second day witnessed a distinguished deal on the falcon “Farkh Shaheen” by Al-Tarouh Suleiman Hamdan Al-Mahmadi, as its value amounted to 155 thousand riyals.

The “Saudi Falcon Club” auction, which will run until November 15, aims to support investment in the field of falcons, develop falcon auctions, enhance the hobby of falconry, and support those interested in them.

The falcon auction, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, achieved remarkable results in terms of deal prices, as its sales ceiling in the three operating days exceeded 900,000 riyals, with an expected increase in the next auction days.

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