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Saudi Economy Minister Says his country supports tourism with $37 billion

Saudi Economy Minister Says his country supports tourism with $37 billion
Saudi Economy Minister Says his country supports tourism with $37 billion

Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Economy and Planning, Faisal bin Fadel Al-Ibrahim, stated that the country is dedicated to attaining all of these goals, including sustainability, high-efficiency energy consumption, and sustainable aviation fuel.

He also stated that the world is evolving at a quick pace, particularly after the Corona epidemic prompted attempts to accelerate transition during the last two years.

During his speech at the General Authority of Civil Aviation’s “Future of Aviation Conference” in Riyadh, he stated that Saudi Arabia is ready to invest and develop to recover from the Corona pandemic, as well as to put in place appropriate global policies and procedures that are compatible with the new economy, adding that the economy began to move toward revitalizing the sector after the pandemic.

He established the groundwork for investment in the aviation and aerospace industries.

He stated that one of the most important of these examples is the transition to the digital field, as well as the focus on having expertise, experiences, and performance in the field of travel and travelers, indicating that there is a trend in funding to reach over 37 billion dollars to support the field of travel and tourism and achieve prosperity and development.

He also stressed that the aviation sector has a great ability to achieve the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Faisal bin Fadel Al-Ibrahim, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Economy and Planning, spoke about the importance of diversification in the economy, pointing out that Saudi Arabia has several economic fields of diversification, including industry and investment in the logistical field, services, development, and empowerment in the aviation sector and industry.

Bin Fadel stressed that Saudi Arabia has a strategic and geographical location in the region, which improves the sustainability and competitiveness process, and Saudi Arabia has strengths and encourages innovation, industries, technology, young capabilities, and entrepreneurs, as well as work on regional and local tourist and aviation economy.

Bin Fadel emphasized that Saudi Arabia has begun implementing digital applications and e-government, as well as attracting talent, noting that airports in Saudi Arabia and through Vision 2030 will provide many job opportunities, boosting national investment.

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