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Saudi Deputy Minister Meets Pakistani Ambassador

In a recent meeting, Ambassador Ali Al-Yousef, the Saudi Deputy Minister for Consular Affairs, had a productive discussion with Ahmed Farooq, the Ambassador of Pakistan to the Kingdom. The meeting served as an opportunity to review and strengthen the existing ties between the two nations.

A Review of Bilateral Relations

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have maintained close ties for decades, based on shared cultural, religious, and economic interests. The regular exchange of high-level visits and diplomatic engagement has further deepened the relationship. The meeting between Ambassador Al-Yousef and Ambassador Farooq provided a platform to reflect on the progress made in various areas of collaboration.

During his visit to the Ministry of Culture’s Culinary Commission, Ambassador Farooq met with CEO Mayada Badr. The discussion focused on enhancing cooperation within the culinary sector. This signifies the commitment of both countries to explore new avenues of collaboration beyond traditional areas. By leveraging their respective culinary expertise and cultural heritage, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan aim to foster greater understanding and appreciation of their diverse cuisines.

Regional and International Developments


In addition to bilateral matters, the two ambassadors also discussed regional and international developments of common concern. This includes the evolving geopolitical landscape in the Middle East and South Asia, as well as ongoing efforts to promote peace and stability in the region. Both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have played significant roles in regional affairs, working together to address challenges and pursue shared objectives.

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