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Saudi Defense publishes photos of its fighters participating in an air show

The Saudi Ministry of Defense released photos of warplanes participating in recent air shows for the Kingdom’s National Day celebrations, which take place on September 23 each year.

The photos, which were shared on Twitter by the ministry’s official page, depict a portion of the air display in which aircraft flew above the Saudi city of Khobar governorate.

Since last Monday, Saudi Air Force fighters have taken part in air displays in eight Saudi cities, the most recent of which was held on Saturday in Al-Khobar.

Fighters such as the “Tornado,” “F-15S,” “Typhoon,” and “F-15C” took part in the air show.

It is worth noting that the Kingdom commemorates its National Day on September 23 each year, which corresponds with the anniversary of King Abdulaziz Al Saud’s royal order establishing the Kingdom in 1932 AD (1351 AH).

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