Saudi Civil Defense calls for caution against the consequences of Hurricane Shaheen

Cyclone Shaheen on Monday will infiltrate into the territory of Saudi Arabia, creating dense clouds of big and humid cumulus atmospheric depression.

These clouds will irrigate the southeastern corner of the Empty Quarter with scattered rain today and for the next two days, moving towards the middle, then west of the Empty Quarter.

The death toll from Cyclone Shaheen rose to 5 today, Monday, while other Iranian fishermen remained missing as the cyclone moved into Oman.

According to Omani authorities, a body of a man who was swept out of his car by floodwaters was found. They also found a child drowned, while two people from Asia died in a landslide when the typhoon made landfall.

Iranian state television reported that rescuers had found the body of one of five fishermen who went missing off the village of Pasabandar near Iran’s border with Pakistan.

The Early Warning Center of Oman has stated that tropical depression is now centered in Al Dhahirah Gouverneur, and is expected to continue its movement and weakness towards the west and its exit from the borders of the Sultanate.

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