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Saudi Cabinet Affirms Urgency to Halt Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Crown Prince Heads Cabinet Meeting

In a session led by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Cabinet emphasized the need to stop Israeli hostilities in Gaza and alleviate the hardships faced by Palestinians.

Saudi Cabinet Stance on Gaza

The ministers highlighted the Palestinian right to live securely and to self-determination. Furthermore, they envisioned a steadfast path towards establishing their nation within the 1967 boundaries, with East Jerusalem as its capital. This reaffirmation echoes Saudi Arabia’s long-standing support for Palestinian sovereignty and its advocacy for peace and stability in the region.

Saudi Cabinet Initiatives for Sudanese Peace

Concurrently, the Saudi Cabinet has called upon all factions in Sudan to abide by the Jeddah talk agreements. These agreements aim to cease hostilities and navigate the crisis through political discourse. This move is intended to lay the groundwork for enduring peace and prosperity in Sudan. Consequently, it showcases Saudi Arabia’s commitment to fostering dialogue and reconciliation in conflict-ridden areas.

Addressing Environmental Challenges

The Cabinet also discussed the significance of the 1st International Conference on Sand and Dust Storms, hosted in Riyadh. This event signifies Saudi Arabia’s proactive stance in combating climate change and environmental degradation. Through spearheading the Saudi and Middle East Green Initiatives, KSA aims to lead by example in the global effort to mitigate the impacts of climate change, highlighting its innovative approaches towards environmental preservation and sustainability.

Boosting Technology & Non-Profit Sector

Furthermore, the Saudi Cabinet reflected on the success of LEAP 24, a premier technology event that recently took place in Riyadh. The event attracted significant investment, amounting to $13.4 billion, which promises to revolutionize the tech industry. This development is part of Saudi Arabia’s broader vision to diversify its economy and stimulate technological innovation. Additionally, the Cabinet lauded the growth of the Saudi non-profit sector and volunteerism, attributing this to governmental initiatives aimed at enhancing the sector’s role in socio-economic development.

Embracing Holy Month of Ramadan

Finally, the Saudi Cabinet conveyed its warm wishes to King Salman and the Islamic community for the commencement of Ramadan. Salman expressed gratitude for Saudi Arabia’s privilege in serving the Two Holy Mosques and their visitors. He hoped the holy month would usher in peace and stability worldwide. This sentiment underscores KSA’s spiritual leadership and its dedication to fostering unity and solidarity among Muslims globally.

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