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Saudi Arabia Makes Bid to Host 2025 MONDIACULT Conference

Saudi Arabia has expressed its keen interest in hosting the UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development (MONDIACULT) in 2025. This bid to host the conference reflects Saudi Arabia’s commitment to becoming a global leader in promoting cultural policies and advancing UNESCO’s noble objectives.

Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Farhan recently held talks with UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay in Riyadh to discuss this proposition and explore avenues for collaboration in the preservation and protection of global heritage.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision for MONDIACULT


During the meeting between Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Farhan and UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay, Prince Badr expressed Saudi Arabia’s aspiration to host the upcoming UNESCO World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development in 2025.

This conference serves as a platform for international exchange and collaboration in the field of cultural preservation and sustainable development. By hosting MONDIACULT, Saudi Arabia aims to showcase its commitment to cultural heritage and its dedication to implementing sustainable practices in the cultural sector.

Cooperation between Saudi Arabia and UNESCO

Saudi Arabia’s collaboration with UNESCO extends beyond hosting MONDIACULT, as the Kingdom actively contributes to the organization’s efforts to support small island developing states. This cooperation demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s dedication to promoting cultural preservation and sustainable development not only within its borders but also on a global scale.

Projects Funded by Saudi Arabia at UNESCO


Farhan took the opportunity to review the projects funded by Saudi Arabia at UNESCO during his meeting with the Director-General. These projects focus on the protection and promotion of culture and heritage. By investing in these initiatives, Saudi Arabia aims to contribute to the preservation of global heritage and support the diverse cultural expressions of different nations.

Saudi Arabia’s Role as a Global Leader


By hosting this prestigious conference, the Kingdom aims to bring together international experts, researchers, and policymakers to exchange ideas and strategies for the preservation of cultural heritage.

This initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia’s broader vision of fostering international collaboration and knowledge sharing in the cultural sector.

Through its commitment to UNESCO‘s objectives, the Kingdom seeks to play an active role in shaping the global discourse on cultural preservation and sustainable development.


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