UNESCO commends Saudi “Madrasati” platform

UNESCO praised the Saudi Madrasati (My School) platform’s achievements, describing it as “one of the most innovative and original operational models in the teaching process during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic.”

It contributed to the uninterrupted continuance of distant learning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The editors of a recent UNESCO book titled “Rebuilding a brighter future for education: Lessons learnt from educational innovations during the Covid-19 epidemic” dedicated a special chapter to the “Madrasati” platform and the Kingdom’s achievements with online education.

The book discussed the roles of male and female teachers on the “Madrasati” platform, as well as the amount of training they received and parents’ satisfaction with the level of interaction between teachers and their kids.

Many international educational organisations have applauded the Kingdom’s experience in distance education during the Coronavirus pandemic, and the “Madrasati” platform has been described as the leading Saudi example and worldwide recognised.

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