Saudi Arabian Football Federation to Rename Saudi Super Cup 2024

The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF), represented by Saudi Media Company (SMC), has signed an agreement with Diriyah Company to rename Saudi Super Cup in its 2024 edition to “Diriyah Saudi Super Cup.”

The Federation emphasized that this partnership reflects the joint efforts between government entities to develop partnerships that promote investment competitiveness and support the Kingdom’s initiatives.

In this regard, President of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, Yasser bin Hassan Al Misehal, said that the agreement is an extension of the Saudi Federation’s efforts to create promotional opportunities and tools, which will contribute to supporting one of the most important destinations in Saudi Arabia.

He added that this partnership is in conformity with the Kingdom’s efforts to open new promotional platforms that play a role in introducing its historical, cultural, and touristic advantages.

The CEO of Diriyah Company, Jerry Inzerillo, described the agreement as a unique opportunity to take advantage of the Kingdom’s growing sports scene and promotional platform, supported by a huge fan base.

He said that Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable growth, through harnessing local talents and the global appeal of sports.

Inzerillo added that this partnership will highlight Diriyah’s importance as a leading global destination, distinguished by its rich heritage and culture.

Owing to a focus on sustainable projects deeply rooted in tradition, Diriyah offers an unmatched quality of life to residents and visitors alike, promoting cooperation and expertise exchange, and presenting a captivating image of Diriyah through Saudi ports, he said.

The Diriyah Saudi Super Cup 2024 will be held in Abu Dhabi, UAE, from April 8-11, with the participation of Ittihad, Alhilal, Alnassr, and Alwehda football clubs.

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