Saudi Arabia Shows Strong Presence at Expo 2023 Pavilion

Driven by the Kingdom’s multi-armed efforts that infiltrate all aspects of life, Saudi Arabia took part in Expo 2023, which is an international horticultural exhibition held in Doha. It has one of the biggest pavilions there.

Saudi Pavilion


Saudi Arabia’s pavilion at Expo 2023 was inspired by Mountain Tuwaiq. Creating an analogy between the mountain and the Saudis’ determination, Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman said, “The Saudi’s determination is just like Mountain Tuwaiq. We will not lose it unless this mountain collapses to the ground.”

The exceptional rectangle-shaped design reflects the identity of the Saudi exhibition, combining the Kingdom’s history, cultures and heritage in a mesmerizing mix.

The Kingdom’s captivating geographical nature is reflected by a number of unique types of trees that beatify the pavilion.

Saudi Pavilion Turning Heads


The pavilion was praised locally and internationally. Heads of state, governments and delegations admired it while listening to a detailed description of the pavilion, its content, green environmental initiatives, effective contributions of renewable energy and investments in mega, environment friendly projects.


The pavilion, being among the biggest participating pavilions, offers its visitors an innovative digital experience.

They get to enjoy this experience through various sections that present environmental and agricultural sustainability projects, as well as best practices and innovations in the horticultural field. There are visual presentations of the most recent technology-based projects and ambitious initiatives.

The Pavilion Showing Kingdom’s Progress


Being studded with dessert plants, the Kingdom works on making use of these plants to combat desertification and improve vegetation.

Through adopting various qualitative initiatives in this field, Saudi Arabia proves its progress towards turning its ambitious vision of leading the green period locally and regionally into a reality. The Saudi Green Initiative and the Green Middle East Initiative are the two flagship initiatives in this regard. These initiatives aim to achieve food security and improve the quality of life, which will culminate in providing a better future for the coming generations.

Various innovative sections mirror the Kingdom’s wealth in the present and the future.

The pavilion showcases how the Kingdom’s diverse terrain plays a pivotal role in empowering agriculture using initiatives of ambitious vision and sustainability-based projects of international and local environmental objectives.

The pavilion presents various initiatives and projects that are underway that aim to achieve water security, increase green areas, promote treated water usage and renewable energy in various projects.

These initiatives include planting 40 billion trees in the Middle East and another 10 billion inside the Kingdom.

Concerning sustainability projects, the pavilion highlights the desalinated water project and the cloud seeding regional project. The pavilion will also host a presentation on promoting the use of treated water in agriculture.

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