Saudi Arabia relies on 17 initiatives in renewable energy to protect environment


The Saudi Ministry of Energy revealed what the energy sector has achieved in the Kingdom, two years after the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman, launched the Saudi Green Initiative, and new projects in the fields of energy during that period.

The Ministry of Energy said, through its official Twitter on Tuesday, that since the launch of the Saudi Green Initiative, 17 new renewable energy projects with a capacity of 13.76 gigawatts have been launched to remove about 23.1 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.


Largest clean hydrogen production


The ministry added that the world’s largest clean hydrogen production complex has also been launched, with a production capacity of 250,000 tons annually by 2026.

The first phase of the largest regional center for capturing, transporting, and storing carbon dioxide was launched in Jubail Industrial City, with a capacity of 9 million tons annually by 2027, and a maximum capacity of 44 million tons annually by 2035.


The Saudi Green Initiative

The Ministry of Energy pointed out that the Kingdom has advanced 10 ranks globally in the Green Future Index since the launch of the Saudi Green Initiative, and the Kingdom has achieved first place in the world in the growth of renewable energy production, in addition to the first place in the Arab world and 20th globally in the emissions reduction index.

The Saudi Green Initiative is an initiative that includes all sectors of society and aims to enable all stakeholders in the Kingdom to contribute to creativity and innovation efforts aimed at building a green future, expanding the scope of climate action in the region through cooperation and investment, and unifying regional efforts to achieve global climate goals.


Sustainable plan for climate action


The Saudi Green Initiative oversees the implementation of a long-term, sustainable plan for climate action. The initiative is guided by three overarching goals: reducing carbon emissions, afforestation in Saudi Arabia, and protecting land and sea areas.

More than 60 initiatives were launched during the past year, with a commitment to achieving further progress in the second year and subsequent years.

The Saudi Green Initiative plays a pivotal role in achieving global climate goals, and the Kingdom paves the way for a more sustainable tomorrow by adopting an investment approach that includes all segments of society.

The Saudi Green Initiative seeks to achieve the Kingdom’s sustainability goals by supervising and unifying all the Kingdom’s efforts to combat climate change under one umbrella and with a clear and common goal, uniting the efforts of the government and private sectors to identify and support opportunities for cooperation and innovation.


It also aims at promoting the green economy – the first package, which includes more than 60 new initiatives and projects within the framework of the Saudi Green Initiative, an important investment in this context, accelerating the green transition and playing a leading global role in applying the concept of a circular carbon economy, raising the level of quality of life and protecting the environment for future generations in the Kingdom.

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