Saudi Arabia put SAR 100,000 fine for hunting a rare bird

The Saudi Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has issued a warning against hunting the rare Asiri magpie, citing a fine of 100,000 riyals (about $26,600) for trapping one.

The Asiri magpie is considered one of the world’s rarest birds, with only 100 pairs remaining in the Asir region, according to an “infographic” posted on the Ministry of Environment’s Twitter account.

The National Center for Wildlife Development is working on a plan to restore and increase it, according to the article.

The magpie lives in groups of up to nine birds; older birds take over the role of watching while others hunt for food, curious birds who prefer to explore their surroundings; yet, if anybody threatens his young, he may convert into a bird.

Because it is one of the sociable birds that cannot live alone, the bird is recognizable by its high voice, which it uses to communicate with the rest of its family.

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