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Lebanese President says he did his best to avoid the collapse of the country

Lebanese President says he did his best to avoid the collapse of the country

Lebanese President Michel Aoun stated that he “tried to avert the collapse, but the people of the political system would not accept it,” asking for “identifying responsibility for the collapse, preserving people’s money, and restoring it to depositors.”

In a television statement, Aoun said, “Over the years of my tenure, I have preferred to deal with crises with silent work.

“Sometimes I succeeded, and sometimes I failed, I tried to prevent the collapse and called for more than one meeting and conference. However, the people of the system refused to recite for any gain,” he explained.

“When the collapse occurred, I called for dialogue with those who remained,” he added.

He urged for “urgent national conversation to grasp three concerns and act to support them inside the institutions.

These three concerns are:- Enhanced administrative and financial decentralization, a military strategy to safeguard Lebanon, a plan for financial and economic recovery, and the equitable distribution of losses.”

“Preserving the nation indeed necessitates collaboration among the army, the people, and the resistance, but the ultimate obligation is for the state,” he continued.

Aoun reasoned that “obstruction in Parliament contributes to the dismantling of the state, and the Capital Control Law was supposed to be issued two years ago and contributes to saving the financial situation.”

“Can anyone explain to me the reason for the parliament’s failure to respond to my successive calls for approval of Laws that serve the people?” Where can I find these laws? Are they just to be found in drawers and committees?” Aoun asked.

He emphasized that “the government must operate,” and that “the House of Representatives must oversee its work and hold it accountable when required, rather than contributing to its disruption, while certain officials strive to keep it paralyzed.”

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