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Saudi Arabia Prioritizes Cybersecurity


The Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and Climate Envoy Mr. Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir explained that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia continues to support stability in the field of cybersecurity, which has become of utmost importance in our lives today and the economies of the world.

Al-Jubeir stressed that the Kingdom has many goals with regard to the field of cybersecurity.


Al-Jubeir confirmed that the Kingdom is moving forward towards achieving many goals that are in the interest of the homeland. Throughout its history, Saudi Arabia has achieved many goals that made it more prosperous and stable.


This came during his participation in a session within the proceedings of the World Cybersecurity Conference entitled: “Sustainability in Cyberspace.”


He considered the Kingdom one of the largest countries in the world investing in the field of cybersecurity, as it has the advantage of its geographical location that lies in the middle of the three continents.

He stressed that countries must unite and work together for a better future and that the field of cybersecurity be one of their priorities. They further have to exchange experiences and agree on the foundations for confronting all challenges.


The minister pointed out that the world today is witnessing rapid development in technologies, and Saudi Arab must keep pace with this with modern scientific methods while working together to combat cybercrime in effective ways and provide protection for the sector.


He said that the Kingdom’s hosting of the 2034 World Cup would extend bridges of communication and cultures between countries of the world, and that sporting events have the ability to bring together crowds.


“Today, the Kingdom is achieving major transformations in several areas, including entertainment and sustainable energy, and is working to ensure that the educational system in the Kingdom is advanced and of high quality,” added the minister.


He remarked that countries must all rely on scientific logic away from emotional logic regarding climate and climate change, saying that the Rio and Paris summits were a turning point in the field of climate change, adding that the Kingdom has strong strategic and economic relations with the countries of the United States of America and the Republic of China.

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