Saudi Arabia participates in the celebration of the Cities International Day

The Saudi Kingdom participates in the celebration of World Cities Day, which falls on October 31 of each year.

This day aims to enhance the interest of the international community in implementing the upcoming urban agenda at the global level.

It also seeks to raise awareness of how digital innovations can be used to deliver urban services to improve the quality of life.

World Cities Day focuses on highlighting new technologies that can create more inclusive cities and looking for opportunities to generate renewable energy in cities.

This day was first celebrated in Shanghai, China in 2014.

The Kingdom, through Vision 2030, keeps pace with the international community’s desire to spread urbanization worldwide.

The Kingdom also seeks to cooperate, address urban challenges, and contribute to urban development all over the world.

The International Day of Cities is in harmony with the renaissance and developmental developments that the cities of the Kingdom are witnessing in this prosperous era.

These cities provide their residents and visitors with a high level of luxury and quality of life.

These achievements are accompanied by the concerted efforts of the state sectors to implement development projects.

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