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Saudi Arabia may use China as a source of weapons in replacement for US

The Saudi Foreign Minister’s responded to a question about Saudi Arabia’s interest in purchasing Chinese missile systems.

He said that his country sees the US as a “key partner in defense procurement,” adding that “if Saudi Arabia cannot obtain American equipment, it will look for it elsewhere,”.

The Saudi Foreign Affairs Minister stressed at the same time that Riyadh will buy Missile defense systems or any defensive weapons according to the best solutions for the needs of the Kingdom.

According to a US intelligence agency assessment, CNN reported that Saudi Arabia is currently actively developing its ballistic missiles with China’s assistance.

Three sources with knowledge of the most recent intelligence claim that Saudi Arabia has bought ballistic missiles from China but has not yet succeeded in developing its own.

According to sources cited by CNN, US officials from some agencies, including the White House National Security Council, have recently received briefings on classified information revealing numerous significant transfers of highly sensitive ballistic missile technology between China and Saudi Arabia.

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