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Sharp rifts & strife occur within the Muslim Brotherhood

Sharp rifts & strifes occur within the Muslim Brotherhood

The crisis is still going on inside the Brotherhood, as the splits intensified, to reach the formation of two entities and two groups.

 Each of the two groups claims that it is the only front that controls the organization and that members of the other front have been isolated and do not represent the group and its institutions.

A few hours after the Istanbul Front, led by Mahmoud Hussein, announced the dismissal and final dismissal of Ibrahim Munir, as well as the members of his front, the London Front responded by forming a new Shura Council for the group.

several personalities rose to be members of the Shura Council, most of them residing in Istanbul and the rest from other countries and from within Egypt.

The Front held a meeting to form the Shura Council to replace the Shura Council of the Front Mahmoud Hussein.

The meeting was attended by leaders who reside in Turkey and were affiliated with the Istanbul front, as well as by some leaders who reside in European countries, during which two deputies for Munir were chosen.

The meeting ended with the formation of a new Shura Council for the group, and the dismissal of the six Shura members from the Istanbul Front, and Mahmoud Hussein himself from their positions.

During the past few days, the two fronts had exchanged accusations of corruption and employment for foreign agencies.

Handing over members of the group to Egypt

The accusations revealed the existence of a role for both sides of the conflict in handing over members of the group who are in Sudan to Egypt, including Hussam Salam, founder of the Hasm Movement,

It also handed over Abdel Badie Ahmed Mahmoud, who was sentenced to death in absentia in Egypt for attempting to bomb the Suez Canal, and Issam Abdel Majid Diab Sayed, Mohamed Ibrahim, and his sons.

This happened as a settling of scores between the two fronts, and within the framework of the revenge policy practiced by each front against the members of the other front.

The accusations revealed the existence of financial corruption within the group, specifically the Hussein Front, which controls the Brotherhood’s companies and funds,

the company favors the distribution of grants, Turkish citizenship, and permanent residence to the members of the Istanbul Front, without the others supporting the Munir Front.

splits crisis

The crisis of defections in the Brotherhood reached its climax after the Istanbul Front, led by Mahmoud Hussein, issued a new statement in which it decided to permanently dismiss Ibrahim Munir, as well as the leaders of his front, from the group.

The Istanbul Group said in an official statement, issued last Tuesday morning, that the General Shura Council, in the context of its permanent session, held a session recently and discussed a number of the group’s issues, and took several decisions.

These decisions include extending the mandate of the existing committee to the work of the General Guide, and not recognizing or approving any entity or formation that does not comply with the decisions of the General Shura Council as the supreme institution of the community.

It also assigned the association’s office to take the necessary measures to control the institutional work in the branches abroad following the decision of the committee in charge of the work of the guide.

The Front decided to exempt Ibrahim Mounir from the Brotherhood, as well as dismiss Ahmed Shousha, Osama Suleiman, Helmy Al-Jazzar, Abdullah Al-Nahhas, and Muhammad Al-Behairy.

It also dismissed Muhammad al-Desouki, Muhammad Jamal Heshmat, Muhammad Taher Nameer, Muhammad Abd al-Muti al-Jazzar, Mahmoud al-Ibiari, Mohi al-Zayt, Musaad al-Zayni, and Najib al-Zarif.

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