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Saudi Arabia is communicating with Ukraine to ensure the safety of a detained citizen

Under the direction and supervision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Saudi Arabia’s Embassy in Ukraine announced that it is continuing to work hard to implement the plan to evacuate Saudi individuals from Ukraine.

The embassy also said, via its Twitter account, that it had evacuated more than 100 Saudi individuals by air around a month ago, on several planes.

Many Saudi citizens have also been evacuated to safe land routes in the Republic of Ukraine’s bordering nations.

The embassy acknowledged that efforts are underway to evacuate the remaining Saudi individuals and that it is in ongoing communication and coordination with the Ukrainian side to identify safe pathways for citizens to travel from combat zones to adjacent countries.

The Kingdom’s missions in certain countries are working with the relevant authorities to expedite their entry and departure from the Kingdom.

The embassy stated that it is closely monitoring the issue of a Saudi citizen who was detained by Ukrainian authorities in a security-related matter.

The embassy stated that it is in constant communication and consultation with the appropriate Ukrainian authorities to determine the best measures to secure the Saudi citizen’s safety.

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