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Saudi Arabia is a partner manufacturer of all smart devices around the World

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a partner in the manufacture of about 95 percent of the modern smartphones and devices that are used around the world.

This is what was confirmed by the journalist Ali Al-Azazi through his program Hayat Tech, which is broadcast by Al-Majd TV on Monday and Thursday evenings.

In one of the episodes of his program, which was broadcast in March of 2019, Al-Azzazi presented a video of the Minister of Communications and Information Technology in the Kingdom, Engineer Abdullah Al-Sawaha, during his participation in the MWC Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​Spain in the same year.

Where the Saudi minister said: 95 percent of the smartphones presented in this exhibition entered into the manufacture of electronic chips made in partnership with Saudi Arabia.

Al-Sawhah explained that 40 percent of the raw materials from which these smart devices are made are manufactured in Saudi Arabia through Saudi companies such as SABIC, the second-largest manufacturer of petrochemicals in the world, or by companies funded by the Kingdom, such as the British company ARM, which manufactures electronic chips.

In another context, Al-Sawahha referred during the conference to the precedence that the Kingdom has achieved by launching fifth-generation networks, which multiply internet speeds many times, after its success in launching the first live sites for fifth-generation networks as the first country in the Middle East and North Africa.

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