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Saudi Arabia in 2019: A perfect destination for international sporting events

Saudi Arabia is preparing, during the next few days, to host the Spanish Super in an unprecedented suit, with the participation of 4 teams, as part of numerous international sporting events that took place recently in the kingdom.

The establishment of this championship in Saudi Arabia comes after it became, as of 2019, a stage for international events, within the framework of the vision of “The Kingdom 2030”.

The Kingdom’s hosting was not only limited to football events and matches, but also extended to all sports and games without exception.

The beginning was with the Kingdom hosting the first professional wrestling WWE during the establishment of the greatest Royal Rumble, with the participation of 50 wrestlers at the Jawhara Stadium.

The Kingdom also opened its doors to receive Formula E races, with the participation of 11 teams from Belgium, Brazil, Switzerland, Britain, France, New Zealand, Thailand, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and Argentina.

During 2019, the Kingdom continued to embrace world sporting events, setting up the Italian Super twice, in January between Juventus and Milan, and in December between the Bianconeri and Lazio.

The Kingdom also hosted the Al-Dir’iya race and the Formula E race, the Al-Diriyah Equestrian Festival, the Al-Diriyah Tennis Cup, the announcement of the Dakar Rally, the Super Show Down wrestling, the first Saudi golf professional championship, the world handball club championship (Super Globe) and the Saudi Parachute Championship.

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