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Saudi Arabia executes US national who killed his Egyptian father

Saudi authorities announced Wednesday the execution of a US man who killed his Egyptian father, revealing details of his brutal crime.


This comes from a statement by the Saudi official news agency (SPA) of the Saudi Ministry of Interior, which said: “US Bishoy Sharif Naji Nassif killed his Egyptian father by repeatedly punching him in the face, strangling him to death with his hands and torturing him.”


The statement continued that the security forces were able to arrest the said criminal and as a result of investigations carried out with him, he was charged with his crime when he was referred to a competent court.


“What he did was a prohibited act and a serious crime, especially since he killed his father with such horror and cruelty, and what he did is proof of his corruption, seriousness, and entrenched criminality,” the statement added.


The statement said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs announces that it will strengthen the government’s desire to establish security, achieve justice and fulfill the commandments of God against all who harm innocents or shed blood.

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