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Saudi Arabia executes a young rape suspect in the Eastern Province


Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry announced on Sunday the execution of a criminal in the eastern region after it was proven that he was accused of violent indecency with a teenager and threatening to kill him. to a statement published by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).





The ministry said in a statement that “Khalid bin Ahmed bin Khalifa Al-Shaheen, a Saudi citizen, lured and followed the child and committed indecency with him with knife violence under the threat of death and attempted to commit indecency in another incident.” (According to SPA).








The statement reads: “The security agencies were able to arrest the said criminal and the investigation conducted with him led to him being charged with the crime and sent to the competent court. Implementation of what is decided in the law and supported by this reference,” he added. according to the agency.








The ministry concluded by stating that “the death sentence was carried out as a ta’zir sentence against Saudi national Khalid bin Ahmed bin Khalifa Al-Shaheen on Sunday 01/26/1445 AH, corresponding to 08/13/2023 AD, in the Eastern Region.”

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